Abby Manock is a prolific multi-genre artist, professional crafter, and visual designer working in the fine arts, as well as in the public and commercial sectors. Her work includes: mural painting, inflatable sculpture, interactive performance, costume design, experimental sports, public intervention, as well as more traditional disciplines of drawing, sculpture, video, prop and set design/fabrication, textile design, rug hooking, and illustration, and teaching. 

Born in Palo Alto, CA, in 1977, Abby moved to Burlington, Vermont with her family at age 8, and though she has lived and worked in NYC since 2005, she continues a close involvement with Vermont collaborators and the Vermont arts community.    
Her work has been included in museum and gallery exhibitions, major music, art, and gaming festivals, and educational institutions across the US and abroad and commissioned by an ongoing list of corporate, public, and private clients.

Abby received her BA from Colby College in 1999, Post-Bacc Certificate from the SMFA, Boston in 2003, and her MFA from Columbia University in 2007.


All of my artistic routines are rooted in a love and obsession for physical and conceptual involvement with materials and the process of making.  Through thoughtful and deliberate processes, I bring to focus objects, spaces and systems that have been otherwise disregarded or overlooked as desirable vessels for thought.  Through unexpected pairings and manipulations of familiar, recognizable signals, I want you to take ownership of what you see because you relate to the individual parts, and to wonder why they exist together, here, as something that caught you eye. Whatever your deicide, you will be right about your conclusions because you have stories all your own.  It's not about me, but if I something I made reminds you of something else, and then something else later reminds you of what I made, the circle is complete.  But what's my story?  I am interested in the blurry distinctions between what I make for myself in the studio, what I make for you, the viewer, and what I create at "work" as part of an art department, collaborative team, or for the needs of a specific client. Each of those artistic actions come from the same place in my brain and I chose not to position one in a higher place of prestige. They all feed each other in order for me to engage as an artist and citizen.  With each new creative endeavor, I am adding bits and pieces of knowledge, observation and artifact to my visual database. However unrelated, they influence the other and the next.